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The FIRST Bob Hope LJ community!
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Welcome to the first community of all things Bob Hope on LiveJournal!

Feel free to discuss the Road films, Bob's other films, his career in vaudeville, radio, TV, and his USO tours. Share your favorite jokes, quotes, and witticisms!
...oh yes...feel free to talk about Bing and Dorothy, too. ^_-
If you feel so inclined, share your icons, colorbars, etc.-keep the spirit alive!

All I ask is that you keep and follow a few simple ground rules...

-No promoting unrelated communities! Why? Because seeing banners for unrelated communities is just annoying. >_o; Unless you have something to contribute concerning Bob, Bing, or this golden era herein, don't bother. Spam postings will promptly be deleted.
-Please don't steal. Please, please, PLEASE, unless specified or given distinct permission, do NOT steal the icons/graphics! Icon theft is bad, m'kay?...
-Comment/credit! In the event someone is nice enough to share graphics, please give them credit and let them know you're using their material. It's just a nice thing to do. ^_^
-Use a cut! If your post is enormous, or if you have a large image/large amounts of graphics you'd like to share, please stick them behind a cut! If you need help with performing the lj-cut, please go here. No excuses. ^_-

Hope you enjoy your stay (no pun intended)!
Your mod,

...any additional interests, ideas, and suggestions are welcome!